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Resistance Cables

Resistance Cables

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Resistance cables are chosen specially for their required resistance range and copper alloy conductor cross-sections. 

Resistance cables are mostly coated with insulation sheaths of ultra-thin wall thickness and high-temperature resistant materials.
PTFE insulation material is most suitable, as thermal, and chemical optimal resistant material. PTFE cables are also highly flexible, and resistant to all kinds of chemicals.

Another application is voltage reduction of the electrical system voltage to increase the life of front, and backlights.
In this case the resistance leads work as a shunt, to get the required voltage drop over the whole lead length. Increasing the life of the lamps, and reducing defects by high peak currents.

The voltage drop of the leads results in heat losses; therefore XPE is ideally suited as insulation material, due to its good heat stability, and heat-pressure. Cross-linked XPE can withstand high temperatures, while providing good mechanical properties.

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