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Power cables used in Railway and Underground applications including:

TERAIL Power Cables

  • Medium Voltage cables 18/30 kV for track side aerial lines, also with special fire performance
  • Medium Voltage cables 25 kV used for track side aerial lines and for pantograph connection, also with special fire performance
  • Fire Resistant power cables 12/20 kV for emergency circuits in general indoor use, also halogen free
  • Medium Voltage cables 3.6/6 kV for the supply of signalling and auxiliary circuits
  • Medium Voltage cables 1.8/3 kV used for track feeder circuit, with special fire performance
  • Low Voltage cables 0.6/1 kV used for lighting and low voltage circuits, also halogen free
  • Low Voltage cables 0.45/0.75 kV - flexible cables for equipment and rail track connections, also halogen free
  • TERAIL Flex - Sector shaped conductor flexible for low voltage circuits, also halogen free
  • TERAIL Afumex Subaqua 1.8/3 kV


Tailor-made solutions


In order to meet the specific needs deriving from a special application (Tunnel with frequent ingress of water, either fresh or salt), Prysmian developed a new design for 1.8/3 kV power cable with EPR insulation and LS0H anti-termite sheathing material: TERAIL Subaqua.

This cable leverages the excellent electrical ageing properties of EPR and avoids using metallic sheath or expensive swelling materials. Some of the benefits guaranteed by this solution are:

  • Water resistance - no water treeing - longer life-time
  • Higher overload temperature - safer
  • Better partial discharge resistance, no shrink-back, flexibility – better tolerance to jointers’ errors
  • Lead Free - Health and Safety - environmental benefits
  • Lighter, longer delivery lengths, lower number of joints, reduced jointing costs and jointing problems
  • Lower total investment cost

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